Wireless dial up internet, Wiflyer disappears

Looks like bad news for fans of the Wiflyer. The company, Always On Wireless, website was down for a while and is now completely gone. I did a little research on the web and others have tried to email or call the company/support with no response. No statement from the company as to why they are gone, just speculation they were another casualty of the bad economy. Too bad. I use my Wiflyer every day and just hope it never dies. For those of us stuck with dial up internet, the wiflyer made wireless internet possible. If you want wireless dialup and can find a Wiflyer, grab it. Apparently there is also a similar device called nebo wireless. It connects wirelessly like a cordless phone using microwave radio, while the wiflyer was a wireless router. Not sure if there are any other wireless dial up alternatives to the wiflyer out there. If anyone knows, please leave me a comment.

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