Middle Eastern Search Engine Marketing Firm Levant Digital

Online marketing has become a really hot area. Just about every business has a website. Marketing that website, so that it shows up in search results and people can find it, takes a lot of know how. Technology and online marketing techniques are constantly changing. Many businesses hire an employee whose sole purpose is to market the company website. Businesses also hire outside firms to help market their website.
People in countries outside of the United States are taking advantage of the technological revolution, particularly in developing countries with younger generations. The internet provides business opportunities that are not available in the real world. You can market an idea, skill or business to potentially everyone in the world. It’s amazing how you can talk to someone on the opposite side of the world with just a click of a button.
The middle east is one particular area taking advantage of technology and the opportunities it offers. Middle eastern ppc management is one area of opportunity. Knowing the ins and outs of pay per click is a must for any business trying to succeed. One Middle Eastern search engine marketing firm is called Levant Digital. They are the #1 full-service digital marketing agency in the Middle East and North Africa. They offer services such as pay per click management, search engine optimization, social media advertising, conversion optimization, media buying and immediate crisis handling.
Middle Eastern search engine optimization firms like Levant Digital can provide short-term and long-term results for your business. They use many tools such as analytic systems and webmaster tools, use of effective keywords and placement, SEO-friendly titles and Meta descriptions, link building, social media and social bookmarking to help your site rise to the top of search engine results.
Learning how to market your website can be time consuming, so if you don’t have a lot of time to learn the ropes of search engine optimization and website promotion, hiring an experienced professional might be a good idea.

O-rings and Custom Seals Parco

I have a Doulton countertop water filter to filter out coliform bacteria. It attaches to the faucet and has a switch to redirect the waterflow to come out the filter instead of the faucet. When I want the water to come out of the faucet, I just change the switch back. Every few years I have to buy a new filter, which needs cleaning every so often. A few years ago, the switch attached to the faucet started leaking. The switch piece had never been cleaned and as a result the o-ring rotted. Just a simple little thing, but I had to buy a whole new switch costing $40 in order to get things fixed.
O-rings are pretty important little objects. If they go bad, leakage occurs and things break. There is a company called Parco that specializes in producing o-rings. They produce high performance seals for six different industries.
The first industry is the Oil Field Machinery industry. A faulty seal can cost more than $100,000 a day in downtime alone. Parco develops o-rings, back-up rings, packing elements, compensators, T-seals, rubber-to-metal bonded parts and other custom seals that can withstand caustic, high-temperature environments in wells as deep as five miles.
The second industry is the Aerospace & Defense industry. Parco produces o-rings and custom molded seals to meet various military and aerospace specifications. They are one of the few companies approved to supply Qualified Products List o-rings.
The third industry is the Water Filtration industry. Parco produces o-rings and custom molded parts resistant to swelling in chloramine-treated drinking water. They also have low compression set to ensure an extended life.
The fourth industry is the Motor Vehicle industry. Parco produces o-rings and custom molded seals for engines, transmissions and steering systems.
The fifth industry is the Farm & Construction industry. Parco produces o-rings, back-up rings, and T-seals that stand up to even the toughest of jobs.
The sixth industry is the Fuel-Dispensing industry. Parco produces o-rings, rubber-to-metal bonded parts and other custom seals for pumps that are resistant to gasoline. The seals have low compression set to help extend their life.
If you need help finding a seal, Parco offers a tool called the Compound Wizard. You enter information such as elastomer, durometer, color and key properties, and the Compound Wizard will provide you with a list of seals with those qualifications.
Parco has been in business since 1941. They were the first manufacturer to specialize in o-rings. They are based in Ontario, California.

EasyTether Review Laptop Cell Phone Share Data

I finally upgraded my cell phone to a smartphone. I went with Verizon’s Samsung Stratosphere because it has a physical keyboard and is 4G. Nice phone.
The only problem is I don’t really use it for anything that requires large amounts of data. Having the internet with me at all times is great, but I prefer using my laptop to access the internet. It has a larger screen & keyboard.
My new cell phone contract includes 4GB of data per month. My home internet uses Verizon’s mobile broadband mifi device and includes 3GB of data per month. Most months I stay under 3GB, but once in a while I do go over. I thought, it would be great if I could connect my laptop to my cell phone and use it’s data plan if needed. Doing that through Verizon would cost an extra $20 per month. I would have to add a data plan that includes mobile hotspot. Apparently you can root your phone and then there are apps you can use to access the cell phone’s data plan. Rooting your phone will void the warranty and may make your phone unusable if something goes wrong. Not really the route I wanted to go.
I came across an app in the Amazon app store called EasyTether. It does just what I want. It’s normally $9.99, but I bought it for $4.99. You download it to your phone. Go to the EasyTether website and download software for your laptop. Hook your cell phone up to your laptop via USB. Right click on the easy tether icon on your laptop and click connect. Your laptop can then surf the internet using your cell phone’s data plan. Pretty cool!
I have no idea if it is legal, but I did not find any reviews saying Verizon suspended anyone’s account. The IP address on the laptop is the same as the IP address on the cell phone, so I don’t know how Verizon would be able to know what you’re doing. I don’t know anything about networking though.
One thing to note is my cell phone seemed to get hot pretty quickly. Although, I guess it wasn’t any hotter than my mifi device gets. The connection does time out quite frequently when it’s cloudy outside. When it worked, it seemed fairly quick, but slower than my mifi connection. I can only get 3G at my house. When 4G comes, the connection will probably be pretty good.
EasyTether is an awesome app! No rooting, no extra $20 per month. It’s a great, quick and easy way to connect your laptop to your cell phone’s data plan. Now if there was a way to get my Amazon Kindle Fire to tether to my cell phone…

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Technology Lawyer

Since being laid off by a top defense company, who shall remain nameless, I’ve been working part-time as a contractor. I started off doing a month of work for a small, local computer vision company. After that, I started doing some web development work for a small, local web development company. For both companies, I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, also known as a confidentiality agreement. Software companies are in a pretty competitive field, so they have to be careful that employees don’t divulge all their secrets. I’m sure they have to be even more careful with someone they don’t know who is just a contractor. The computer vision company even had their own lawyer draw up the paperwork. It was pretty official.
I never realized it, but there are lawyers who specialize in representing technology companies. Technology lawyers provide services in areas such as technology, internet, ecommerce and media law; media, technology and intellectual property transactions; technology and ecommerce start-up;, copyright issues; and trademark registration and disputes. One such company is called the Neff Law Firm. They are based in Manhattan Beach, CA.
For 12 1/2 years they were known as Neff Law Group LLP. Since 2004, they have been known as Neff Law Firm. Their practice consists of three attorneys: Richard Neff, Amanda Laura Nye and Daniel S. Latter. They also work with other lawyers to handle patent registrations and various kinds of issues and international requirements.
Neff Law Firm has handled cases for companies such as Informatica Corp., PriceGrabber.com, glu mobile, Logitech Inc., and Symantec Corp.
They have handled cases involving copyright disputes. Richard Neff headed an antipiracy cause in Latin America, which led to the reform of many national copyright laws. He has also helped studios, publishers and authors with the copyright do’s and don’ts of film and video making.
Neff Law Firm can handle ecommerce issues and has helped a top Internet price comparison website.
They can help with trademark issues, such as selection, usage and registering of a trademark. They can also help protect your domain name from being stolen.
Everybody is on the internet these days. The majority of businesses have websites. Some people start businesses that are strictly online. I have a website where I sell back issues of magazines. My first website was focused on ways to earn money online. One time when I was reviewing it’s stats, I discovered another website out there under a totally different domain name, but the same exact content as my website. It was really strange. I’m still not sure if I should have done something about it, or what I should have done. Cyberspace is a tough area to patrol as the whole world has access. There are no boundaries. People often don’t even use their real names. The internet is still fairly new, so there are a lot of gray areas. If you have a website and want to protect yourself, in addition to making sure you are setting your business up properly and not infringing on anyone else’s rights, it might be a good idea to hire a technology lawyer.