AppZapp App Bargain Guide iPhone iPad

The number of apps out there is a bit overwhelming. There is an app for just about everything. There are even different apps for different platforms. There are apps specific to browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. There are apps specific to the Android operating system. There are apps specific to the Kindle Fire. There are apps specific to the iPad and iPhone. It’s endless. Trying to pick through all of the apps for just one specific device or browser is a daunting task. I always tend to look through the top rated apps, but I’m sure there are some pretty good apps out there at the bottom that just don’t get noticed. A small startup company from Switzerland has created an app called AppZapp. It is for the iPhone and iPad. I don’t have either one of those, so I’m out of luck, but for those of you that do have one of those, the AppZapp sounds like it might come in handy. The AppZapp is an app which allows you to share your apps with friends. They can see what apps you like and you can see what apps they like. The AppZapp also lets you see all app sales, news apps, price and seller alerts. It will instantly alert you of price drops, so that you can get a good deal. AppZapp the App Bargain Guide for the Apple App Store for iPhone & iPad is available in all 123 Apple app stores. An iPhone Free version is available on iTunes. AppZapp is also available in 11 languages.

Digitizing Photos To CD

I finally gave in and replaced my 8 year old HP Photosmart 2510 all in one printer. It was having issues printing in color. It would give an error that something was wrong with the color ink. After I replaced the color ink cartridge, it would work ok for a while, but then the error would pop up again. The new ink cartridge wouldn’t even be empty yet. I went with the HP Photosmart 7510 all in one printer. It just arrived today. It’s installing some required software now and so far so good. I also really needed a new printer, since I lost the installation cd to my old printer and was unable to print from my new laptop. The HP Photosmart 7510 prints wirelessly, so that should come in handy. I had to use my old desktop computer in order to scan in a few photos. I have tons of photos that should be scanned. Maybe my new printer will give me an incentive to start scanning them in. It’s one of those time consuming tasks I just don’t get to. Maybe when the boys are grown I’ll magically have more time in the day. I should just package up all the photos that need scanning and send them to one of the photo scanning services. Paying someone else to convert photos to cd would be a big help. A company called ScanDigital offer a photo scanning service. In order to digitize your photos, you place your order, package your photos and send them via UPS to ScanDigital. After your photos are received, they are put in a queue for processing. They are scanned and undergo a first round of quality checks. The scans are then edited and optimized before undergoing a second quality check. A final quality assurance review is done before the photos are stored to disc. The order is then finalized and billed before being shipped to you via UPS. The order is also uploaded to an online gallery. It is a pretty lengthy process in order to ensure you get the best possible digitized photos. It is certainly worth checking out, if you don’t have the time or equipment to digitize your photos yourself.