Consumer Reports Top Security Software

Security software was a topic in the June 2009 issue of Consumer Reports.
The top security software was Eset Smart Security. It costs a little bit more than other software but it offered the best possible virus detection. It’s good if you have a computer user who clicks on suspicious email links or downloads files from unfamiliar sites.
McAfee Internet Security is next on the list. It offers good performance and the most features.
Symantec Norton Internet Security was the third recommendation. It was the best at finding badware. It also gives you information on possible threats.
No computer should go without security software. If someone hacks into your computer, personal information could be taken which could lead to identity theft. A hacker could also delete your files, take control of your computer, or render your computer useless. Hackers these days are very sophisticated, so installing good, trustworthy security software is an absolute must.

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