I think I’ve mentioned before that all I can get in my area for an internet connection is dial up. Really sucks, but maybe someday there will be a faster option. Anyways, I’ve been using NetZero’s 3g high speed for the past 2 years without much of a problem. Lately though, the high speed part has been very flaky. It keeps disconnecting and speeds have been slow. The other day I got fed up and came across a couple of different providers with good reviews. One is I haven’t tried it yet though. The one I’m trying now is High Speed. They have a really good deal going on right now, which is why I tried it first. It’s $1 for 3 months, after which you can cancel if not satisfied. So far it’s not bad. Netzero would always take a long time to load certain sites, such as blogs, including this one. doesn’t seem to have that problem. My blog actually loads pretty quick. The only drawback so far is’s high speed also seems to have a problem staying connected initially. Once it gets going though it is fine. So far connection speeds seem a bit faster than Netzero.
Regular price for the high speed version is $14.95 per month. Without high speed, it’s $9.95 per month. The customer service number is also free. Unlike Netzero, which charges $2 per minute. Most numbers are V.92. You get a free 25mb email address. There seem to be a lot of access numbers, although just 2 for my area, but it’s rural. connects faster than Netzero, since it uses the built in dial-up networking in Windows. Netzero has it’s own java application, which is much slower. also lets you stay connected for a maximum of 4 hours, whereas Netzero disconnects you after 3 hours. If you’re looking for a new dial up isp or a backup internet connection, you might want to check out
BTW,’s high speed is also compatible with the wiflyer.