Verizon Wireless Rolls Out 4G

So on Sunday Verizon Wireless is rolling out its 4G network to 38 select cities. You can go to:, to see if your area will be covered. There seems to be a problem with the link at the moment though.
Initially 4G will only be available for laptops. Verizon’s line of 4G smartphones will be revealed next month.
I’m totally looking forward to this. 4G is supposed to be 10x faster than 3G.
3G on my Samsung Alias 2 is pretty good. It’s faster than my dial up. I live in a rural area, so dial up and satellite are my only options. At least I thought they were my only options until I saw an ad for AT&T’s usb modem. I can use that modem to hop on AT&T’s cell phone network with my laptop. Verizon Wireless has a similar modem. I would probably stick with Verizon. The plan I would choose runs about $60 per month. My dial up plan at is about $10 per month. I haven’t been ready to spend that extra $50 a month, but with the 4G network I think I may be ready. The 4G plan is also cheaper than the 3G. The 4G plan is $50 a month for 5 gig of bandwith or $80 for 10 gig. is not bad, but downloading and uploading anything larger than a few meg is painful. With 4G, you can download a 2 hour movie in 5 minutes. Watching videos and listening to music online with dial up is extremely painful. My favorite channel, SoapNet, will be no longer in 2012, so I may end up having to watch my soaps online.
When my cell phone contract is up a year from now, I think I’m also going to go for a smartphone, maybe a Droid. We’ll see what’s available at that point. vs. Netzero

I live in a rural area, so I’m stuck with dial up. For over 3 years I’ve used Netzero 3G Highspeed. Worked good, but I decided to look into other dial up isp’s to see if I could get a better speed. had good reviews, so I gave them a try. I really like them. Their accelerator works much faster than Netzero’s. If I was loading a couple different web pages and one had video or audio, Netzero would sometimes slow down or the accelerator would suddenly become unavailable. It got annoying after a while.’s accelerator must work differently because I have no problems loading multiple pages when one has audio or video. For dial up, web pages load very quickly.
With, you have to make sure you disconnect from the internet when you’re not using it though. They automatically disconnect you after 4 hours, but if you automatically keep reconnecting for most of the day, they will put your account on hold, so you can’t login anymore until you contact them. That happened to me the other day. I like to leave my internet connected all the time. My account was flagged for excessive usage & I couldn’t log in. I called them & they reactivated it as long as I disconnect when not in use. I don’t like it, but I was thinking, maybe that is why their connection is so fast. They keep an eye on people’s usage & make you disconnect when you’re not using it, but that does free things up. I guess I can live with disconnecting in exchange for the faster speed.
BTW, I tried cancelling my Netzero service and they gave me 3 free months. After that, monthly payments are $6.95. Pretty good deal, so I’m keeping it as my backup ISP. is $9.95 a month. If you pay annually it is $7.95 a month. does have a dedicated plan where you get disconnected after 8 hours, but it is $39.95. A bit steep for dial up.
If you need to call for support, it is free. Netzero charges $1.95 per minute. That’s a little ridiculous.

Can only get dial up and want to go wireless? Then check out the Wiflyer!