A cute mother and daughter set of aprons

Guest post written by Samantha Marion

My daughter is always trying to get me to let her help out in the kitchen. But I was also the same way with my mom when I was younger. So I like to let her help me mix some things and crack eggs and things like that. She loves it and for her upcoming birthday I thought I would give her something for her to use in the kitchen to make her feel like she’s helping out even more.

Out of all the stuff that I could think of, I settled on making us some matching aprons. I love sewing and thought it would be such a cute idea. While I was looking up apron patterns I ran across some stuff on debt counseling and was glad that I did. I really wanted to handle our debt situation and I think that I’m going to use counseling services in order to do that.

I found an adorable pattern for a DIY ruffled apron and decided to make one for each of us in matching fabric. It will make our time together in the kitchen that much more fun!