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Did you know Microsoft automatically sets aside 20% of your bandwidth for things such as windows updates? I didn’t either until I read it here. I did what the post said to, but I haven’t really noticed any difference in my connection speed. It’s worth a try though.

I’ve been using winzip for a long time & it’s always been free. Well, no longer. The last upgrade I did now says my 45 day trial has expired & I can no longer unzip files with it. I am now in search of a free zip program. So far I have tried coffee cup. That’s a pain because you have to restart the application for every new zip file you want to open. 7-Zip looked good until I needed to unzip a file in the top level Desktop/MyDocuments directory. It wasn’t listed, just C: so I had to dig down to find the file. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know. I’ll have to visit and see what else they have. By the way, that is the best site for downloads. They have everything you need in terms of free software. The software is also free of viruses, spyware, etc. Great site.