ImTOO DVD Ripper

Seems like everyone these days has some sort of portable electronics device like an ipod, smart phone or multimedia phone. I just have a Samsung Alias 2 multimedia phone, but when my contract with Verizon Wireless renews I’m most likely going to suck it up and go for a smart phone. I didn’t really want to pay an extra $30 a month just yet. The Alias 2 gave me a taste of what I can do internet wise like check email, facebook and twitter. All I have is dial-up for my home internet connection, so a smart phone would be a great backup internet connection.
One cool option I did sign up for is Video on Demand. Now I can catch up on the CBS and NBC soap operas. If only ABC had their soap operas available on Video on Demand. With the smart phone I could probably just watch them on the networks websites.
There is also a tool called DVD Ripper by a company called ImTOO. It takes a dvd and converts it to different audio or video formats, including formats supported by the iPod, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, BlackBerry, iRiver PMP, Windows Mobile phone, Xbox, mobile phone, NDS, and Wii. If you have one of the supported cell phones, you can just rip dvd to the format you need, transfer the output to your phone and watch it wherever you go. That is another plus for upgrading to a smart phone. Technology these days is so amazing!
DVD Ripper will also rip dvd to hd, which is nice.
Another feature is it lets you edit the video and add effects.
There are 3 versions of DVD Ripper available: standard, platinum and ultimate. Prices range from $35.95 for the standard version to $45.95 for the platinum version and $55.95 for the ultimate version. A free trial is also available. A mac version called DVD Ripper Mac is also available.
ImTOO also produces a Video Converter for mac, which converts media files to other formats.
If you have a smart phone, or even an Xbox, Nintendo or Wii, DVD Ripper sounds like it would be a nice little tool to have to convert your dvds to a new format.