Scheduling Software Empire Time WSG

One software tool all companies need is scheduling software. There are a lot of different scheduling software options out there. During the time I worked at a large defense company, several different scheduling software tools were used. Back then, I just had dial up for my internet connection. It made it very painful to load a couple of the different systems. There was one system that loaded great. Unfortunately, towards the end, they reverted back to the slowest loading system they had ever used. It wasn’t a very good idea. I always worried on time sheet submittal days whether or not I would be able to get in and submit the timesheet.
Scheduling software can be complex. Items it needs to keep track of include total number of hours worked, support for multiple projects, expense reports, vacation/time off hours used & available totals, and time sheet editing.
A company called WSG offers several different scheduling software tools. One tool is called Empire Time. It offers a simple user interface for project financial management with the ability to export reporting to an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF file. Using Empire Time allows for faster billing, financial period closures, and revenue recognition. It also allows for time and expense tracking, overtime and personal time off reporting. It has a high satisfaction rate among users. It supports multiple platforms, including a web based client for remote workers. Project assignments and holidays are automatically populated. It can also automatically import American Express expenses and automate expenses to payroll, so the employee can be quickly reimbursed. A special console is included for managers to use in approving timesheets.
If the Empire Time scheduling software sounds like it might be a good fit for your company, a demo is available at the WSG website, so you can try before you buy.