Firefox, FasterFox, Firetune, Maxthon

Firefox is a pretty popular browser, but I’ve just never been able to use it. I only have a dial up connection and Firefox just goes too slow & sometimes it times out before it even loads the page. I did install FasterFox. It is a plug in designed to load webpages faster. I guess it makes a difference, but pages still tend to not load. The other day I came across another Firefox plug in designed to load pages faster. This one is called FireTune. I installed it and so far it does seem to have made a difference. I haven’t had a page not load yet. The page loading speed is better than it was too. I’m probably still not going to use Firefox full time though.
It’s just not as fast as the browser I currently use, Maxthon. Maxthon is based on the Internet Explorer browser engine, but has more features such as:

Tabbed Browsing Interface
Mouse Gestures
Super Drag&Drop
Privacy Protection
AD Hunter
RSS Reader
IE Extensions Support
External Utility Bar

On the downside, Maxthon does have a tendency to crash once in a while.
On the plus side, the tabbed browsing alone makes it worth the switch, not to mention the faster page loading. Maxthon is free, so if you’re looking for a different browser, you might want to give this one a try.

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