High Efficiency Furnace

We are lucking out weather wise this weekend in upstate New York. The past few days have been very early fall like. The sun is out and it’s warm as in about 60 degrees. It is a welcome relief from all the rain we have had this fall. Unfortunately, the weather man thinks we may have a cold and snowy winter. The calm before the storm I guess.
I really hate the cold weather. It’s a good thing we have a high efficiency furnace. It is almost nine years old. We had a few minor problems last year, so this year I will probably have it serviced to make sure it is in good running order. It is an oil furnace. Someday I would like to upgrade it to a more greener method. We also heat with a woodstove located in the basement. The basement is the warmest place in the house during the winter. The woodstove really does cut down on the fuel bill, which is great. I also try to cut down on the oil bill by keeping the temperature around 67 – 68 degrees. If it gets too cold, we just put on a sweatshirt. My grandparents keep their house at about 65 degrees. Now that I have to buy oil, I can see why. Any way to cut down on the dependency of buying oil is welcome.