How to return multiple parameter values in Java

Here’s a java tip I discovered.
Java doesn’t allow functions to return multiple parameters. You can’t pass by reference like in C/C++.
Say you have this function in C or C++:

int get(int a, int* b, int* c)
*b = 2 * a;
*c = 3 * a;

return 4 * a;

Now you want to write that function in Java. One option is to create an object which stores 3 integer values and return that.
An option involving less work, is the following:
Java lets you pass in an object, to which you can modify the content of the object, so:
First create a java class which stores an integer:

public class _Integer
public int _integer;

public _Integer

Now pass this object to your java function whenever you need to return more than one value:

int a = 1;
_Integer bInteger = new _Integer();
_Integer cInteger = new _Integer();

int d = get(a, bInteger, cInteger);

int get(int a, _Integer b, _Integer c)
b._integer = 2 * a;
c._integer = 3 * a;

return 4 * a;

If you need to pass doubles, create a _Double class, etc.

I thought that was a pretty cool workaround I came up with and just wanted to share.:)

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