Hyundai Santa Fe

About 6 years ago, I was on my way home from work and a car pulled out in front of me, totaling my car. It was my first brand new car, a white Grand Am, that I had planned on keeping forever. lol. I was very upset.
I ended up buying a brand new black Hyundai Santa Fe. The black signified that I was in mourning for my car. lol. I test drove a bunch of different SUV’s, but that was the SUV I liked the best and that reminded me the most of how my car handled. It was a great choice. Not too bad on gas and handles very well. I definitely wouldn’t want a bigger SUV though. The Hyundai Santa Fe has plenty of room on the inside and I just wouldn’t be able to handle driving a larger vehicle. I’m not the greatest backer upper, so a bigger vehicle would be a little difficult for me to handle, as I’m not the biggest person anyways. Maybe if I had an auto backup camera, I could handle driving a bigger vehicle, and I wouldn’t have so many blindspots when backing up. Someday when I retire I would like to invest in an RV, so I would definitely have to get an auto backup camera for that.
I have a mountain bike, so one thing I would like to buy for my Hyundai Santa Fe is a graber outback bike rack. I live in upstate New York and there are lots of biking trails throughout New York, New Hampshire and Vermont. Hopefully one of these days I will be able to take some time off and go check them out.
The unexpected event of totaling my car turned out to be a good thing. I totally love my Hyundai Santa Fe and highly recommend it.