Inertial Navigation System InnaLabs

There is a company called InnaLabs headquartered in Dublin, Ireland that develops inertial navigation systems. At their research and design lab in the Ukraine, high performance inertial sensors are developed. InnaLabs produces high end, cutting edge accelerometers and gyroscopes. They are used in several industries for many different purposes, including aerospace and commercial aircraft, marine and land, oil exploration and energy, automation and robots as well as transportation markets.
Accelerometers are developed for use in inertial navigation systems, orientation, and stabilization systems. Accelerometers are used in aircrafts and unmanned vehicles, naval vehicles, and ships and orientation systems for the oil drilling industry.
Coriolis vibratory gyroscopes are available as 1, 2, or 3 axis gyroscope sensors. They use a vibrating quartz technology that uses the coriolis effect to measure the angular rotation rate. They are used for things such as platform stabilization, positioning and stabilized pointing, gyro-stabilized balls, railway tilt systems, sonar stabilization and autopilot sensing and control. They are also used in various unmanned vehicles such as automated guided vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and remotely operated underwater vehicles.
A single quartz gyrospcope uses a monolithic quartz sensing element. It has internal power regulation and is used by original equipment manufacturers. They are used for antenna and platform stabilization, robotics and vehicle control and stabilization, low-cost inertial systems, such as inertial navigation systems and for measurement purposes in precision farming, factory automation, medical, and orthopedic areas.