Learning About Busness

Contribution by Stevie Kirby There are very few things you actually learn about running your own business from sitting in a college classroom. When I graduated with my entrepreneurship degree I thought I would be all set to start my own paper company but boy, was I mistaken. Things like hiring workers, working with noisy neighbors and everything in between really makes stuff tough. I didn’t know about bank-card-processing.com when I first started and didn’t have any idea how to set up a credit card processor. I feel like what they need to do more of in college is out of classroom training and I wish I’d had more than one semester interning for a small business owner so I would know firsthand how things like this work. I’m learning on my own now but these are expensive lessons when you’ve got to come by them on your own and I wish I didn’t have to learn them when the stakes are so high! I loved college but I wonder if everyone feels like this about their degree.