LG VX8300 and car kit

Just want to mention this cell phone tip. My cell phone is an LG VX8300. A few days ago the words car kit appeared on the display and I was unable to hear any sounds my phone made. The same thing happened a few weeks ago, but after several days my phone went back to normal. Well, it had been a couple of days & still nothing, so I did some research on the internet. I googled “lg vx8300” + “car kit” + remove and came across this site. I did the tip which involves clearing errors. Nothing, so I tried plugging in the charger and jiggling it around. Nothing. I don’t have a car charger, so I tried plugging the phone into the data cable I use to upload photos to my computer. I jiggled the cable around & car kit briefly disappeared and then reappeared. I jiggled the cable some more & car kit disappeared again. It’s been 6 hours and so far so good. Apparently the words car kit appear when the phone has been exposed to water. Have absolutely no idea how my phone may have gotten wet. Oh well. I’m just glad it’s working again.

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