Cyber Crime Protection ChicaLogic

In this day and age anti malware software is a must. The more time spent online, the greater the chance of your computer becoming infected with malware. Malware, such as worms, viruses and spyware, can do serious damage to your computer, or identity theft can occur when your personal information becomes compromised.
There’s tons of malware protection software out there. It’s hard to know which one to choose. I came across a website called ChicaLogic, which might be worth a look. It is a unique website in that it is designed by women for women who are looking for technology info.
They sell several tools to help your computer.
One is a computer fixer tool, which helps keep your computer running like it’s brand new. It includes a system cleaner and performance optimizer and sells for $19.95.
The other tool protects your computer against threats such as malware and spyware. It sells for $24.95. Both tools are very reasonably priced, compared to other malware software, which sometimes costs a couple hundred dollars.
Free trial downloads of both tools are available, if you want to try before you buy.
A tips and tricks section of ChicaLogic is also useful. It is chock full of computer information, such as recommended apps, how to info, technology news and computer term definitions described in easy to understand articles.
ChicaLogic is worth a look whether you are looking for computer information or cyber crime protection software.