Glyphs along a path, Apache Batik, SVG, Memory test

Finally got glyphs along a path working using hard coded values in an svg. Now I have to port it to batik to make things dynamic. Having problems so far. The svg has been ported over using all the hard coded values, but the applet won’t init. I’ve got things narrowed down & it appears to have something to do with the textPath. I really wish you could search the apache batik mailing list. If anyone knows how, please let me know, maybe I’m missing something.
I did discover the syntax needed when nesting an svg within a defs statement:

defs.appendChild(internalSVGDoc.importNode(symbolDoc.getRootElement(), true));

Somebody really needs to write an in depth batik book or tutorial on how calls such as this are made. The batik javadoc is useless for beginners. Us beginners need to know how to put calls together. We need links to dom tutorials. Something good to get us started. It’s tough putting pieces together.

Wow, I spoke too soon. This book at Amazon is finally available. Woohoo, guess I know what I’ll be ordering next. Looks like it is going fast, only 3 left in stock.

If you are in need of more memory for your computer, check out this site. It will analyze your system & tell you how much memory you have & how much more you could add. Pretty cool. I have a gig, but could max out at 4 gig. The more memory, the better. Definitely a worthwhile investing if you’re planning on keeping your machine for a while.