Technology Lawyer

Since being laid off by a top defense company, who shall remain nameless, I’ve been working part-time as a contractor. I started off doing a month of work for a small, local computer vision company. After that, I started doing some web development work for a small, local web development company. For both companies, I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, also known as a confidentiality agreement. Software companies are in a pretty competitive field, so they have to be careful that employees don’t divulge all their secrets. I’m sure they have to be even more careful with someone they don’t know who is just a contractor. The computer vision company even had their own lawyer draw up the paperwork. It was pretty official.
I never realized it, but there are lawyers who specialize in representing technology companies. Technology lawyers provide services in areas such as technology, internet, ecommerce and media law; media, technology and intellectual property transactions; technology and ecommerce start-up;, copyright issues; and trademark registration and disputes. One such company is called the Neff Law Firm. They are based in Manhattan Beach, CA.
For 12 1/2 years they were known as Neff Law Group LLP. Since 2004, they have been known as Neff Law Firm. Their practice consists of three attorneys: Richard Neff, Amanda Laura Nye and Daniel S. Latter. They also work with other lawyers to handle patent registrations and various kinds of issues and international requirements.
Neff Law Firm has handled cases for companies such as Informatica Corp.,, glu mobile, Logitech Inc., and Symantec Corp.
They have handled cases involving copyright disputes. Richard Neff headed an antipiracy cause in Latin America, which led to the reform of many national copyright laws. He has also helped studios, publishers and authors with the copyright do’s and don’ts of film and video making.
Neff Law Firm can handle ecommerce issues and has helped a top Internet price comparison website.
They can help with trademark issues, such as selection, usage and registering of a trademark. They can also help protect your domain name from being stolen.
Everybody is on the internet these days. The majority of businesses have websites. Some people start businesses that are strictly online. I have a website where I sell back issues of magazines. My first website was focused on ways to earn money online. One time when I was reviewing it’s stats, I discovered another website out there under a totally different domain name, but the same exact content as my website. It was really strange. I’m still not sure if I should have done something about it, or what I should have done. Cyberspace is a tough area to patrol as the whole world has access. There are no boundaries. People often don’t even use their real names. The internet is still fairly new, so there are a lot of gray areas. If you have a website and want to protect yourself, in addition to making sure you are setting your business up properly and not infringing on anyone else’s rights, it might be a good idea to hire a technology lawyer.