Photo To CD Scanning Service

Photograph and video technology has really come a long way. Twenty years ago, I got my first camera as a Christmas gift. It was a Kodak disc camera. I took lots of pictures with that, so I have a bunch of photo albums in storage along with a bunch of negatives. Photo scanning is a time consuming process I don’t have time for right now.
There is a website called that offers photo scanning services. They will take those old photos and negatives and convert them to digital images. They first clean and prepare the photos with compressed air and a lint free cloth. Each picture is then scanned. Technicians will then repair each image by cropping, rotating, correcting the color and removing red eye. The photos are then put on a cd, dvd or external Hard Drive for you to enjoy. Using a photos to cd process protects your photos against dust, scratches, etc. You can also make extra back up copies and store them off site, so they will be safe. also offers a video service. They will take old video tapes and put them on DVD. Formats they can convert include VHS, VHS-C, BetaMax, Hi8, MiniDV and Digital 8. That is a great service since VCR’s are hard to find. I have a few old players, but the tapes usually play back all fuzzy. I’ve tried cleaning the heads, but that hasn’t helped. DVD players are very reasonably priced nowadays. I have a few old VHS tapes from when I was in elementary school. Putting them on a DVD might be a good idea.
For both services has the following start to finish process in place once you place an order:
1. Your photos are sent to via UPS, which they monitor using tracking info
2. Once the order is received, they check it in and enter all contents into their system.
3. Orders are stored in labeled and sealed containers while waiting to be scanned.
4. Each photo is scanned.
5. Scans are reviewed for quality.
6. Editing staff optimizes each photo.
7. Editors review their work for quality.
8. A separate, third editor reviews the digital images for quality.
9. Files are copied onto a CD, DVD, or external hard drive.
10. Orders are finalized and billed.
11. Original photos, digital images and receipt are shipped to you.
12. Order is uploaded to an online gallery for sharing.
13. You receive your order.

Sounds like a great service that I may have to look into.