My first programming job was for a company who’s main focus was on their POS software, which is used by many companies in the fast food industry.
There is a company called RunIt who produces similar software only for the retail industry. They have been in business since 1995. They are based in New York, NY. In 1995, they released touch screen Windows based retail software. They were the first in the industry to see the potential of using Windows. The system provides data in real time and is web based, which is a cool feature. Being web based lets retailers access their data from anywhere. Retailers can process orders at tradeshows or at any mobile location with a web browser and internet connection. Business stats can also be viewed from anywhere. POS terminals are not required and on site implementation is not required. It will only take days to get up and running using RunIt, rather than weeks. Software updates and backups are no longer required, so no more having to deal with IT issues. All you have to do is use the software.
Data is managed through RunIt’s state of the art secure data center. You can import your existing data and get copies of the backed up data.
The service is available for a low monthly subscription, which allows you to “pay as you grow”. Unlimited support is included in the monthly subscription
RunIt is great for small companies or large companies, so if you are looking for a real time point of sale system, RunIt may be the answer.