SVG Programming: The Graphical Web, WiFlyer

Well, SVG Programming: The Graphical Web by Kurt Cagle seems to be a pretty useful book in learning svg. My only complaint, I wish the pictures were in color. There’s a section which talks about how to create colors with several examples. The example pictures are pretty useless since they are black & white. The info itself seems pretty good though.

I have a dial up connection using Netzero’s 3g highspeed. After installing TZConnectionBooster & CableNut, the connection speed is not bad. I still have room to make it faster, but am leaving it for now. I have a desktop & a laptop, so now I decided I wanted to network them. Did some research & it sounded like a real pain in the butt. Then I came across a router, external modem, access point all rolled into one device. What is this cool device? It’s the wiflyer. Reviews I read were all good, so I ordered it over a week ago and am waiting for its arrival. Stayed tuned for my review.