Buy Sell Magazine Back Issues Classified Ads

I’m working on adding a classified ads section to my magazine back issues website, I get emails all of the time from people looking for certain magazine issues. I don’t usually have them, but can sometimes point them in a direction where they might have better luck finding whatever they are looking for. With the classified ads section, they can list an ad if they have a collection of magazines to sell, or post an ad if they are looking to buy a certain issue.
I don’t buy magazines from other people for several reasons. You don’t know what condition they will arrive in. When shipped, they may be in great condition, but arrive in terrible condition due to being poorly packaged. In the past, I’ve purchased magazines from ebay less than a dozen times. The majority of the time, the magazines arrived all wrinkled, due to being mailed in just an oversized envelope with no protection.
When I ship magazines, I wrap them in bubble wrap, place them in a cardboard envelope, and attach pieces of cardboard to that envelope. Everything is then placed in a large mailing envelope. One time, a buyer purchased the wrong item and sent it back to me. When it arrived back to me, it was still in the same condition as when I had shipped it.
I also don’t buy magazines because I don’t have the room to store them. The more you have, the more space they take up and I hate clutter, so I refuse to get overrun. I have a small, out of the way, storage area set aside for storing them.
Selling magazine back issues is just a hobby and a way to make a little extra money.
If I was to ever expand, I might have to look into third party logistics software, such as 3PL. That is software which helps a large business run smoothly. It keeps track of inventory and automates the billing process. It allows customers to view real-time inventory status, shipment status and tracking information. 3PL is also a web-based system, so information can be accessed from any computer. Sounds like a good idea for those looking to grow their business.

Warehouse Management Software 3PL

I’ve been doing just about all of my Christmas shopping online. Orders I have placed have been mainly from Amazon and Walmart. When I order from Amazon, I prefer to order new items from Amazon themselves. They sell a lot of items from third party retailers. Sometimes the price is a little cheaper. I picked up a Star Wars Clone Trooper laptop for my seven year old for $26 through a third party retailer. Normally it sells for around $40. It was too good of a deal to pass up. I know my Star Wars fan will like it, so I took a chance and bought it from a third party dealer.
A few things to note when ordering from Amazon. If the description says “Ships from and sold by xxxxxx”, the third party retailer sells and ships the item. They are just using Amazon as a platform to sell their product. If the description says “Sold by xxxxxx and Fulfilled by Amazon”, the third party retailer sells the item, but has Amazon ship it. They have shipped the item to Amazon, who stores it for the third party in their warehouse. I discovered that when I clicked on the ‘have one to sell’ button.
I went through the process of listing an item, but didn’t submit it. It seems like Amazon charges pretty high fees. I think you pay less fees selling on ebay. Amazon takes out .99 per item sold, a referral fee which is a percentage of the sale price based on what the item is, and a variable closing fee which is based on the referral fee. If I sell an item for $27, I will end up with $26.63 minus what it will cost me to ship the item. In the end what you make turns out to be slightly less than the sale price, plus whatever it costs you for shipping.
With their own inventory and inventory from third party retailers, Amazon must have quite a system of storing items. I’ve ordered from them for years and have only had one order with a problem. They sent the right item, but the wrong invoice. They must have some sort of warehouse management software that they use to keep track of all the inventory. One such third party logistics software is from a company called 3pl. They provide web-based warehouse management software to companies to help them run more efficiently. Since it is web-based, there are no installation fees, no software upgrades, no new hardware and no consultants. The software helps provide customers with real time information. Profits are increased thanks to the automated process. Billing is more accurate. The 3pl software costs less than $500 per month. You can pay for what you use with no long-term contracts. You can also add and inactivate customers and warehouses as needed. The software can be customized to use your company logo.
Even though I will be sticking with ebay for selling, I still prefer to buy from Amazon.