Beware Review

A couple of nights ago I had problems logging into my account. I kept getting a bad username/password error. I called their technical support and discovered is NOT a customer friendly company.
They said my account was exceeding normal usage, so they locked me out. At the end of the month, they would unlock it, but watch the usage very closely. Apparently, their terms of use say normal internet usage is 10 hours per WEEK. Who in this day and age only uses the internet for 10 hours a week? I work mostly at home and keep my internet connected for an hour or two at a time throughout the day. It’s my lifeline. Dial up is all I can get for internet service. No internet or DSL is available. I think mobile broadband will work for me and I am getting close to signing up. I just don’t really need the extra charge at the moment.
Well, once the support guy told me about my excessive usage, I told him I was thinking of cancelling my account and signing up for Verizon’s mobile broadband. You know what he said? He said ok, we can take care of that right now. lol. No trying to talk me out of cancelling. No offer to lower my monthly payment. Nothing. Let’s just say I was in shock. Oh yeah. The best part. They refused to unlock my account. So glad I never used that email address.
A few years ago I was using NetZero as my dial up internet provider. I got annoyed because it was just really slow. I did some research on dial up internet providers and signed up with because they had good reviews for a speedy connection. Well, now I know why. They won’t let anyone actually use the internet connection. You’d think they would be glad to have a dial up customer now that high speed internet is so widely available.
After I initially signed up with, I called NetZero to cancel my internet service. You know what they did? They kept lowering my monthly payment until I agreed to not cancel my service. I had the NetZero High Speed service and was paying $14.95 a month. They lowered it to $6.95 a month. I never use it, but luckily I still have it.
After was so kind to cancel my account, I downloaded the latest NetZero installer and got hooked back up. I’ve been using NetZero for a few days now and surprisingly enough it’s not so bad. It seems faster than it used to be and it even seems faster than the connection I had. I always had problems with’s accelerator turning off and on and sometimes having trouble connecting to it’s server. NetZero’s High Speed accelerator is great so far. NetZero even has a setting to reconnect if it becomes disconnected, so no issues with excessive usage when you connect to the internet using NetZero.
In the end, I guess did me a favor in that I rediscovered NetZero. A company who cares about it’s customers and also has a much faster internet connection. I do not recommend Go for NetZero instead.

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