Android 6250 Text Message VZWNM

At the end of November I bought my Samsung Stratosphere Android phone. It’s been working great. Over the weekend, I started getting a bunch of weird text messages from a 6250 number with a message of VZWNM:1;1. After a day of getting them all day long, I did some searching on the internet. The only useful thing I found was a thread in an android forum. Apparently, it is Verizon sending these messages every time your default email account receives a message. My phone came with a default email app, but I also installed K-9 mail. I have 3 email accounts added to both apps. My gmail account was set as the default account in the default app. K-9 is the app I mainly use for email though. I deleted my gmail account from the default app and the VZWNM messages stopped.
A couple of alternatives: I can re-add the gmail account to the default app, only use the other option rather than the add gmail account option.
There is a text messaging app called Handcent. It has a setting where you can block the 6250 number. That seemed to be a popular choice in the android forum.
According to the thread, calling Verizon is useless. They have no clue.
No one knows why the messages start either. It just suddenly starts happening. Some speculated the installation of an app may have triggered it. I did install Amazon’s MP3 app the day before. I don’t know if that triggered something, but it would be really strange if it did, since it has nothing to do with Verizon or text messages.
It is good to know there is a solution to making the 6250 VZWNM text messages stop though.

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EasyTether Review Laptop Cell Phone Share Data

I finally upgraded my cell phone to a smartphone. I went with Verizon’s Samsung Stratosphere because it has a physical keyboard and is 4G. Nice phone.
The only problem is I don’t really use it for anything that requires large amounts of data. Having the internet with me at all times is great, but I prefer using my laptop to access the internet. It has a larger screen & keyboard.
My new cell phone contract includes 4GB of data per month. My home internet uses Verizon’s mobile broadband mifi device and includes 3GB of data per month. Most months I stay under 3GB, but once in a while I do go over. I thought, it would be great if I could connect my laptop to my cell phone and use it’s data plan if needed. Doing that through Verizon would cost an extra $20 per month. I would have to add a data plan that includes mobile hotspot. Apparently you can root your phone and then there are apps you can use to access the cell phone’s data plan. Rooting your phone will void the warranty and may make your phone unusable if something goes wrong. Not really the route I wanted to go.
I came across an app in the Amazon app store called EasyTether. It does just what I want. It’s normally $9.99, but I bought it for $4.99. You download it to your phone. Go to the EasyTether website and download software for your laptop. Hook your cell phone up to your laptop via USB. Right click on the easy tether icon on your laptop and click connect. Your laptop can then surf the internet using your cell phone’s data plan. Pretty cool!
I have no idea if it is legal, but I did not find any reviews saying Verizon suspended anyone’s account. The IP address on the laptop is the same as the IP address on the cell phone, so I don’t know how Verizon would be able to know what you’re doing. I don’t know anything about networking though.
One thing to note is my cell phone seemed to get hot pretty quickly. Although, I guess it wasn’t any hotter than my mifi device gets. The connection does time out quite frequently when it’s cloudy outside. When it worked, it seemed fairly quick, but slower than my mifi connection. I can only get 3G at my house. When 4G comes, the connection will probably be pretty good.
EasyTether is an awesome app! No rooting, no extra $20 per month. It’s a great, quick and easy way to connect your laptop to your cell phone’s data plan. Now if there was a way to get my Amazon Kindle Fire to tether to my cell phone…

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Cymax Holiday Sales

This time of year, all the retailers are trying to get your business. They are offering lots of sales. Many online retailers are also offering free shipping. I picked up seven bottles of cabernet at for $78 with shipping/handling fees of a penny.
I picked up the Samsung Stratosphere for free during Best Buy’s Black Friday sale. My contract expired the day before, but I was going to wait until 4G is available in my area before upgrading to a new phone. Free was too good of a deal though, so I went with it. It would have cost me $149 to order the same phone from Verizon. The Stratosphere is Verizon’s only smartphone with a physical keyboard. At the moment, that’s a requirement for me. The virtual keyboard is ok, but the keys are kind of close together, so it’s easy to tap the wrong key.
Another retailer called Cymax is offering a month long holiday sale of up to 50% off with free shipping and no sales tax (except VA). They sell furniture and home decor. They have been in business since 2004. In 2010, they broke the $100 million sales mark and were officially listed as one of the world’s Top 500 online businesses by Internet Retailer. They pride themselves on offering great customer service, a wide variety of items, and low prices. They carry only brand-new merchandise from top manufacturers. All brands carry a full manufacturers warranty.