Thanks for the post from Rashad Townsend

In high school, my dad taught me how to stain and varnish the back deck. Ever since that afternoon, I’ve had a passion for refinishing wood furniture and that’s the line of business I’m in today. I love working with wood and creating something beautiful with my hands, so this profession is right up my alley. I have a lot of talent, so I’m told, and I get great joy from what I do. I do a lot of furniture shows and work with some art galleries in the area to sell my pieces as they’re all relatively high end, so it’s important that I check my email often so as not to miss an opportunity. I recently got wireless in my shop from Wirelessinternet.net and it’s been really helpful since I can take it anywhere on the property and not lose signal. The best part of my job is that I get to set my own hours and hang out with my dog all day while doing something I love to do. What more could I possibly ask for?